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Finding a cheap and comfortable hotel to book with while vacationing in Paris can usually be an unpredictable task. Websites that you read often omit the bad information so that you can really get an accurate idea of where you’ll be staying. Many vacationers in cheap hotels expect their hotel at least measure up to their class, but you want to be able to know what is going without and not be surprised about going without characteristics. Two examples of points that people are often insulted to find out about after the fact, are location disadvantages and there is any parking for cars. Additionally, most people will expect certain omitting services but want to choose which they are willing to go without.

There are quite a few friendly, spacious and inexpensive hotels in Paris, however, I will simply cover five of my best options. I will include information about their strong points, their minuses and a review.

1. Hotel Armstrong Paris – This is a reasonable, spacious and clean hotel. Can be found at 36, Rue de la Croix Saint-Simon 75020 Paris. I pick this hotel because of the personal service and the luggage storage for a hotel at these rates. I dislike this hotel because the rooms aren’t very large.
Typical reviews include:

“Clean hotel for a very small amount of money (comparing to other prices in Paris). Service was good, everyday cleaning rooms. Underground garage is a very good thing that they have also for a reasonable amount of money – just be aware that you have to reserve it at hotel because of the limited number of parking places. Rooms were small (maybe to small) but still enough furnished and there was a safe in closet to put your valuables there. Good thing is that Hotel is very near to a Metro station that connects you with the city. I would recommend it!”

2. Hôtel Delos Vaugirard – This is an suitably located hotel that is comfortable and budget oriented. It’s address is Paris – 7 rue du Général Beuret 75015. I recommend hotel because is in a upscale neighborhood and because it is clean. I dislike this hotel because it is not too close to a metro station and because it is on a side street of Paris.
Typical reviews include:
“This rather small hotel is situated in a quiet street in a nice neighbourhood. There are several restaurants in the area. The metro station Vaugirard is a few minutes walk away. ”

3. Hôtel Moulin Vert – This is a cozy, Parisian style hotel that is a little dated but a great value. Located at is Paris 14ème Montparnasse – 74 rue du Moulin Vert, Metro: Pernety 75014. I like this hotel because it is a good value and is easy to find. I dislike this hotel because the renovations have not been maintained and sometimes the rooms feel old.
Typical reviews include:
“I chose this place to stay for a week long business trip to Paris based on feedback here in Tripadvisor & other travel sites online. And I wasnt disappointed.”

4. Hôtel Riviera – This is a very clean and well located hotel with personal service. It’s address is Paris – 55 rue des Acacias 75017. I like this hotel because it is close to the Arc of Triomphe and because it has friendly, personal service. I don’t like this hotel because the rooms are smaller than average and they have a small elevator.
Typical reviews include:
“Paris is amazing!!! I will return to the Riviera hotel !”

5. Grand Hôtel Amelot – This is a cheap and basic hotel located in a wonderful location in Paris. Can be found at is Paris – 54, Rue Amelot 75011. I like this hotel because is cheap and it’s location rocks. I dislike this hotel because seem to need friendlier staff and they really are a basic hotel.
Typical reviews include:
“Stayed there for seven nights, then returned for an eighth night later in our trip. Because of this we stayed in two different rooms.”
There are quite a few good hotels and low rates hotels in Paris. There are also some hotels that aren’t so good but dirt cheap and travelers put up with the bad service or old decoration or another characteristic in order to be visiting Paris.

Good luck and bon voyage.

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